Carl Edlund Anderson
Edlund Font

Carl created the Edlund Font family back in the late 1990s -- the days before any useful Unicode support existed -- so as to have more elegant access to some of the glyphs needed for his PhD thesis. Since that time, all those glyphs have become more widely available in numerous Unicode-compliant fonts, and while creating an updated, Unicode-compliant version of Edlund would be cool, it would also be quite hard to justify in terms of time and effort for return. Still, if anyone else wants to try it, do please go ahead! :) Meanwhile, you can still download the original versions of Edlund here:

  • Download Edlund Regular for MacOS (Postscript/Type 1).

  • Download Edlund Regular for MacOS (TrueType).

  • Download Edlund Small Caps for MacOS (Postscript/Type 1).

  • Download Edlund Insular for MacOS (Postscript/Type 1).

  • Download Edlund Insular for MacOS (TrueType).

Carl is quite proud to say that Edlund typefaces have been used in a number professional publications, including Religion & Literature from the University of Notre Dame and Icelandic Histories and Romances by Ralph O'Connor (blatant plug --> which can be had from or Edlund fonts were also mentioned in an article about outstanding shareware fonts in Step-by-Step Electronic Design Newsletter (an award-winning newsletter for desktop-publishing designers).

Carl Anderson
Nationalities US
Residence Chía, Colombia
Education Harvard College, BA, 1993
Cambridge University, PhD, 2000
British Council, CELTA, 2008
Professional University Professor
Technical Writer/Editor
English-language Tutor