Carl Edlund Anderson

Since 2009, Carl has been a professor at the Languages and Cultures department of a small private university located near Bogotá, Colombia, and since 2011 has served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Latin American Journal of Content and Language Integrated Learning. His principal research focuses on language-teacher training, bilingual rhetoric, CLIL (content and language integrated learning), and English as an international language. He also researches topics in Colombian ethnolinguistics, early medieval England, and early medieval Scandinavia.

Carl's academic CV in PDF form is available here.

Recent publications:

Selected conference papers & other works:

  • Carl Edlund Anderson, "Runas e interpretaciones: orígenes, evoluciones e identidad de una cultura literaria en el norte de Europa," paper presented at Conversatorio: La Cultura y los Libros en la Edad Media, 27ª Feria del Libro de Bogotá, Corferias, Bogotá, Colombia (30 April 2014).

  • Carl Edlund Anderson & Liliana Cuesta Medina, "Underlying sources of academic writing difficulties in postgraduate language-teacher trainees," paper presented at the XIX Symposium on Research in Applied Linguistics and First International Symposium on Literacies and Discourse Studies, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Bogotá, Colombia (07 November 2013).

  • Carl Edlund Anderson, "CLIL, its friends, and relations: Approaches to language and content in contemporary education," paper presented at Updating and Exploring CLT: Possibilities for the 21st Century, Escuela de Ciencias del Lenguaje, Universidad del Valle (Campus Meléndez), Cali, Colombia (26 October 2013). <>

  • Carl Edlund Anderson & Roberto Alvira, "Retroalimentación en trabajos de escritura en inglés cómo estrategia de inclusión," paper presented at the IV Congreso Internacional de Pedagogía e Infancia: Educación Inclusiva y Neurodesarrollo: La Ruta para el Progreso de Colombia, Universidad de La Sabana, Chía, Colombia (07 September 2012).

  • John D. Niles & Carl Edlund Anderson, "'Óðinn from Lejre': An Interim Report" (unpublished manuscript, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA, 2010). <>

  • Carl Edlund Anderson & Betsy Otálora, "Designing a course on CLIL for in-service teacher education: Promoting results-oriented reflection," paper presented at the 3rd CLIL Symposium: Addressing the Challenges of the 21st Century School, Universidad de La Sabana, Chía, Colombia (25 September 2010). <>

  • Carl Edlund Anderson & Liliana Cuesta Medina, "Course design for graduate students: Strategic planning and actions," paper presented at the 13th National ELT Conference – Challenges for the ELT Syllabus: Developing Competencies for the 21st Century, Universidad de La Salle, Bogotá, Colombia (22 April 2010).

  • Carl Edlund Anderson, "Vocabularium Cornicum: Plain Text Electronic Version" (unpublished manuscript, 2010). <>

  • Carl Edlund Anderson, "Scandinavian Days: Old or New?", paper presented at the 35th International Medieval Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, USA (05 May 2000). <>

  • Carl Edlund Anderson, "The Danish Tongue and Scandinavian Identity", paper presented at the Mid-America Medieval Association (MAMA) Annual Conference, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK, USA (26 February 2000). <>

  • Carl Edlund Anderson, "Reconsiderations of Beowulf’s legendary background", paper presented at the Pacific Ancient & Modern Language Association (PAMLA) Annual Conference, Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA (06 November 1999).

  • Carl Edlund Anderson, "Reflections of Gothic language, legend, and history in Middle-earth", paper presented at Oxonmoot (Annual Conference of the International Tolkien Society), Exeter College, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (25 September 1998).

  • Tania Ruiz, Eric Mandel, Christine Jones, Tina Grotzer, and Carl Edlund Anderson, Everyday Classroom Tools: Observing the World around Us: An Inquiry-Based Science Curriculum for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade (Cambridge, MA: Smithsonian Institution, 1998) <>

Ph.D. dissertation:

Carl's Ph.D. dissertation Formation and Resolution of Ideological Contrast in the Early History of Scandinavia was submitted and approved for the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic (Faculty of English) at the University of Cambridge in 1999. He is increasingly uncertain about its value as time goes on, but it has since been referenced in the new edition of Friedrich Klaeber, R.D. Fulk, Robert E. Bjork, & John D. Niles, eds., Klaeber's Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburg: Edited, with Introduction, Commentary, Appendices, Glossary, and Bibliography, 4th edn (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008), as well as John D Niles & Marijane Osborn, eds, Beowulf and Lejre (Tempe: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2007) among other places. :)

The original version of this dissertation was prepared in 1999 with a non-Unicode-compliant font. To faciliate automated searching, as of April 2012 a new electronic version has been prepared and made Unicode-compliant throughout; this Unicode-compliant version is the one currently available from this Web page (although many copies of the non-Unicode compliant version will probably continue floating around the Internet forever). As an aid to the user, pagination and content remains consistent with the original printed copy archived in Cambridge University Library. (Pagination of earlier, non-Unicode compliant electronic versions was also consistent with the original printed copy archived in Cambridge University Library.)

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Carl Anderson
Nationalities US
Residence Chía, Colombia
Education Harvard College, A.B., 1993
Cambridge University, Ph.D., 2000
British Council, CELTA, 2008
Professional University Professor
Technical Writer/Editor
English-language Tutor